Name:  Gabe Billings
Current Location:  Eugene, Oregon
Years in PH: 1992-93
A few PH Memories: Showing people my patented locked door opening technique and accidentally ripping the handle off one of the outside doors to the dorm, gravity testing shit in the stairwell near my room, watching Sonny get in chatrooms pretending to be a chick and having cybersex with other guys, making Uberpanzer I, filming Ninja Jesus at that spooky abandoned house, Star Wars night in the lounge, 45-second sprints down to the Corner Store and back to buy Ben n' Jerry's, finally getting a new remote for the TV in the lounge and breaking it the same night by microwaving it.

Name:  Joaquin "Jack" Calcines
Current Location: Rochester, New York
Years in PH:  1995 - 1997
A few PH Memories: The first Godfather night in the lounge. We made Pasta in the microwave. Big success, let me tell you. The aforementioned bed incident. Operation Goalie. Hearing and telling John DiMauro stories (The Cheese Debacle is a particularly good one and one that I think of often when I go by Jefferson Road Tops)

Name:  John Dimauro
Current Location: Horseheads, New York
Years in PH:  1991 - 1996ish
A few PH Memories: Halloween Around the World parties (and Craig lighting himself on fire in the "Klingon room"), Caveman Parties, DiManfarancino Christmas Parties (and Godfather nights), Star Wars Nights, Studio Parties, 211D Parties, Slumber Parties in the Lounge, the Naked Party, the 25th Anniversary Party - let's cut to the chase and say I liked the parties, House Picnics, going to Darien Lake, "It was like Vesuvius!", Ben writing "Phototo House" in chalk during selections, Dr. Ted Nelson, making the PH selections video, kicking everyone's ass in "X-Wing vs TIE Fighter", being in "Davy and the Chia Pets".

Name:  Ben Faranda
Current Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Years in PH:  1995 - 1998, President, '96-'98
A few PH Memories: Honestly, I think most of my memorable moments had to be me naked somewhere in the house...It was the way most people of the house were introduced to me.  Ahh memories, or another time I came ripping down the hallway in nothing but my Buster Browns jumped up on the couch in the lounge and yelled something or other and ran back to the studio room.  I immediately heard Lamborn's (our RA) door open and hear him yell, " Is Ben naked again?"  Everybody got my back.  I appreciate that guys.  There were many movie nights, that I remember fondly.  A lot of orientation nights that seemed like a true summer vacation, of course we can not forget to mention the infamous "Juice is Loose Party".

Name:  John Hull
Current Location: Barre, Vermont
Years in PH:  1994 - 1996
A few PH Memories: Seeing Sonny wear incredibly tight spandex while riding a seriously overstressed and expensive 12 speed bike.  Star Wars night in our room on my surround sound system... Dinu singing "Patience" in the lounge.  Me getting the evil eye constantly by Lamborn for having an open container...  Then there was the time I drank way too much Sambuca . I don't remember what happened that night, but I guess I was a real ass.  Riding through the ghetto of Rochester with Dave Chaek in his Taurus with the bass thumping, waiting to get car jacked. Losing all the hair on my hands cooking those cheap ass burgers with Jay that Gracies supplied us with when we had house cook-outs (can you say flare-ups!)  And who could ever forget "Life in the Fat Lane"?

Name:  Jason "Sween" Mancine
Current Location: Farmington, Maine
Years in PH:  1994 - 1997
A few PH Memories: The blitzkrieg style of financial management that brought the house coffers from $600 in 1994 to over $10,000 a few years later.  Successful house lectures, the 25th anniversary party... Seeing a KISS tribute band at some bar in Irondiquoit.  "LifeWithout Shame", Trips to Toppers (our favorite stripper, Alexxus) and Foxy's...Sonny Kanieski trying to get the lesbian strippers to come home with us at Jon Hull's birthday party at Foxy's.   The TOXIC incident in the men's room in '94...shit was EVERYWHERE.  PHAT meetings (For those who don't know, that stands for "Photo House Assault Team"), Covert-Ops during the CSH war, UBERPANZER II - the converted shopping cart.   The birth of the World Wide Web at blazing speeds on the "B-Jack".   Matt Metzger passing out on our floor at 211D one of the first times we met.  John D. puking up spaghetti all over the walkway in front of 211.   The 211-D "Triple Play"...